Introduction to SDL Tridion

SDL Tridion is the content management system (CMS) used by the Yale School of Medicine Office of Communications to manage all of the sites under its purview.

  • A CMS is a program which allows users to organize, edit, and publish web content.

  • Tridion is an enterprise-scale CMS and as such is more complicated than other website building products such as Drupal, Wordpress, or Squarespace.

In the support documents in this section, you will learn how SDL Tridion organizes pages and contents and how to navigate Tridion.

Table of Contents

Accessing SDL Tridion

You need to use a web browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari) to access SDL Tridion.

  • The program will only be "open" in the tab or window that you are using SDL Tridion. SDL Tridion operates best on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

  • If necessary, Internet Explorer 11 or newer or the latest version of Safari can be used, but SDL Tridion runs slower on these browsers.

SDL Tridion can be accessed at You will be prompted to login with your NetID and password.

Turn off pop-up blockers for the domain: If it's your first time accessing SDL Tridion, you'll have to select your preferred language before you can begin editing.


Part 1: The Fundamentals

Before learning how to create or edit your site, please review these SDL Tridion fundamentals. Understanding whats discussed in the following sections is critical for being able to progress to the next stages of page and website development.

For the basics and an overview of how Tridion looks in you browser, visit these instructions:

For information on navigating through SDL Tridion, visit these instructions:


Part 2: Overview of Website Building

Now that you've learned some general features of SDL Tridion, you can begin to think about how to organize and build your website, with the instructions below.




Part 3: Going Live & Editing Existing Material

These instructions discuss general rules for publishing and editing in Tridion.