Media Library - Video

The Media Library is an enterprise tool that is integrated with Beatrix and allows video, audio and image files to be integrated into news, events and school websites. The video tool also links directly to externally hosted videos on Youtube and Vimeo.

Use of the Media Library Tool is required to to display videos from any YSM website. Any bugs can be reported to

Accessing the Media Library Tool

  • To access the new Media Library tool, go to Beatrix.

  • Log in using your NetID and Password

  • Navigate to the Media Library item in the left navigation

    • To view media already uploaded to the Media Library, use the Search field. Toggle the Show only my uploads to search just your own videos or all videos. You may also filter media type by selecting Images, video or audio to the left in the light blue column.

    • To upload new media to the Media Library, click the Add New button.

  • If you are uploading a raw video file, select Internal Media

    • Drop in the file or click Browse to find a file to add.

    • Select the auto transcript (we do recommend that you review it for typos and other mistakes) or upload a .vtt file.

    • Select a Media Thumbnail or upload a custom thumbnail image

    • Add your Title, alt text (critical for screen readers and ADA compliance), page name (this is for the URL the media player will use), description, and credits. The Title and description will display as you enter them on web pages.

    • Select the Reuse permissions to be either restricted to your use or shared with others.

      • Make sure to select “Only I may use” if you do not want your media used by others for school websites, news articles, or events.

    • Select security options with the Yes/No on Requires Yale CAS login. This option is available if your media is sensitive in nature and should be viewable by people with Yale NetIDs only.

    • Add Administrators: This will allow others in your department or collaborators to edit the data above for your descriptive data entered.

  • After your video finishes encoding, it will be available to add to a news article or event in Beatrix. The Media Library number can be sent to with instructions on posting the video to a YSM website.

  • If you are uploading a video that is hosted elsewhere, such as Youtube or Vimeo, for which you have an embed or share URL, select External Media and add the prompted data fields as above.

Media Library Instructions

For more instructions on the different ways you can use the Media Library Tool in the News and Profile System, visit the following documents: