Managing Suggested News

If you have News access to an organization, you will have a Suggested Articles queue that collects the articles that have been suggested to your organization(s) for you to review and either accept or reject.

To see your Suggested Articles:

  1. Log in to

  2. Click News in the left navigation.

  3. Click Suggested Articles in the News navigation.



When a news story is entered into the system by another office, it has been suggested to your organization by the submittor or tagged with a person associated with your organization, it will appear in the queue, labeled “Suggested News”.

  • You have the option of accepting or rejecting these articles.

  • Click on the Preview Article button to evaluate the story.

People tagging example: If a page is tagged for Vasilis Vasiliou, it will automatically be put in the queues for: School of Public Health, Dept. of EHS, Vasiliou Lab, Liver Center, Cancer Center, YIGH because he is a “member” of those organizations.


  1. Do not edit another person’s article without permission except for fixing a minor typo.

  2. Do not just create a duplicate of the article to change the headline rather than discussing it with the creator.

  3. DO NOT DELETE AN ARTICLE you did not create. This removes it completely from the websites and from Profile System. For more information see Removing News Articles from a Website.


Suggested Articles Interface

If you have access to multiple organizations with pending suggested news articles, your base interface will shows you suggested news for all the organizations you have access to (shown below):

You can filter the queue by selecting one of the organizations you have access to using the Organizations drop down menu (highlighted in yellow above). You can also sort the list by title and date and filter the list by submitter (highlighted in green above).

Clicking on an article will open the article details (shown below).

You will see the organization(s) the article is suggested to and can either accept it or reject it using the controls (highlighted in yellow above).

If you only have access to one organization with suggested news the list will be automatically filtered to the one organization and the accept and reject functions will appear when you hover over the article (highlighted in yellow below).