Newsletter Template options

There is a lot of flexibility in set up of newsletter templates. Following are the set up items that users should specify upon initial request for a template to streamline the process.

*indicates a required field

Who has Access

Who should have editing and/or read only access to your publication?

Header Section

  1. Title of the Publication*

  2. Wordmark

    • Yale School of Medicine

    • Yale School of Public Health

    • Yale Medicine

    • No Wordmark

  3. Header Background Color*

  4. Choose a background color for the Header which appears behind the Title.

    Choose from blue, cyan, dark grey, emerald, green, midnight blue or yellow.


  1. Header Subtitle
    This text field might say something like, “The latest developments in cardiovascular research at Yale.”

  2. Header Image Alignment* - Choose from:

    • Without Image

    • Center landscape

    • Center full-width

    • Left-aligned landscape

    • Right-aligned landscape

    • Left-aligned square

    • Right-alignes square

    • Left-aligned portrait

    • Right-aligned portrait

      Header image and alignment options.
  3. Header Image

    1. attach .png, jpg, jpeg.

    2. Max images size:10MB

    3. Minimum image dimensions: 1920x1200

    4. Or indicate Media Library ID


For each standing section of your template, please indicate:

  1. Title*

  2. Type*: Choose from:

  • CTA

  • Event

  • List of Links

  • News

  • People

  • Publication

  • Text

  • Image Gallery - requires that there be a newsletter listing page on the T4 site to link to

  • Video Gallery - requires that there be a newsletter listing page on the T4 site to link to

  1. Section Link Label (e.g. See our Full Events Calendar)

  2. Section Link URL (

  3. Please indicate the order you would like these sections to appear, e.g. Text, news, events…

For News sections

Please indicate the Layout Style and Organization ID.

For Events

Please also indicate the Layout Style and Organization ID.

CTA (Call to Action) Configuration

This works similarly to the News CTAs. You may select Dark or Light.

People Section

Publications Section

Text Section

Text sections have additional layout and photo options:



You may add custom text to the footer above the autocode generated by Yale Messages, e.g. Yale School of Medicine Department of _____ • Address • Contact Name

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