Tagging People & Organizations

This document provides instructions on tagging relevant people and organizations in your news article, both Internal and External.

To see more information on adding News articles, see the instructions below:




News Visibility

The first item of the People & Organizations section of a news article is News Visibility. This toggle controls whether the article can be suggested to recommended organizations in the news management tool and whether articles tagged to people will appear on their profile.

  • If the visibility is set to private (red toggle), the article will not appear on any organizations other than those you explicitly add (Explicitly Suggested Organizations). People cannot be tagged in Private news articles. If any profiles are already tagged in the article, they will automatically be removed.

  • If the visibility is set to public, the the article will appear on profiles tagged to the article and organizations the profile is a member of will be suggested automatically to the article.



Tags (known as “keywords” in the previous NPPS) come in two types: public and private. Tags can be used to filter search results and organization news feeds for more specific listings.

Public tags will display as filters in search so website visitors can easily find articles related to the tag topic.

Private tags will not display anywhere on the website. However, you can still use these tags to filter news or event listings that appear on your website. The purpose of private tags is to create listings on the website that are limited by some arbitrary criteria of your choosing, for example "all seminars hosted in 2017.

You can add a tag by typing in the Add New Tag search bar and choosing a tag. The tag will be automatically sorted into the appropriate category (public vs. private).

If a useful tag does not appear or if you have any questions about a tag, please email ysm.editor@yale.edu

Once a tag is added, it can be removed using the X icon next to the tag.


Tag People

In the Tag People section, you can add people to whom this article should be linked, such as faculty or staff mentioned in the article.

Once a person has been added (or "tagged"), a link to the article will be displayed automatically on that person's public profile, and this article will be suggested to the organizations of which that tagged person is a member. Those organizations will be notified of this tagging and suggestion immediately.

Separately, when the full article is viewed, it will also list all tagged people and display a link to their profiles.

You can add a profile by clicking Add New (highlighted in yellow below) and typing in the Search for profile search bar.

Once a profile is added, it can be removed using the X icon next to the profile (highlighted in yellow below).


Add to Your Organizations

The news article will display on the news feed for the organizations you tag in the Add to Your Organizations section.

The organizations you have News access to will appear in the Organizations list.

You can tag the article to your organizations by clicking the + icon to the right of the organization (highlighted in yellow below).


Popular Organizations are organizations that are frequently suggested to.

You can suggest the article to a popular organization by clicking the + icon to the right of the organization (highlighted in yellow below).


Suggest the article to another organization

If this article pertains to an organization that has not been suggested otherwise on this page, you can search for that organization in this section.

Use the search box to find and explicitly suggest the article to another organization. The organization's administrator will receive a notification that you have suggested the article.


Approval Status

The Approval Status listing will show whether organizations the article has been suggested to have accepted or rejected the article, or whether the status is still pending.

A tagged or suggested organization can be removed from the article with the trash can icon next to the organization (highlighted in yellow below).


The next section of adding a News article is the Publish Settings.

More information about Publish Settings and adding news in general can be found in the following instructions.