News: Submitting External News Articles

If you have found an external publication featuring pertinent Yale related news, you should submit it as an “External News” article.

There are a lot of possible fields to fill out for an external article, which give users a wide variety of display options. However, there are only a few fields that are required. The purpose of these instructions is to guide you through creating a basic news article.

Never copy news articles you or another Yale faculty or staff member has written for display on the websites and submit them as External News.

You should either submit these articles as , or if the article already exists in the YSM Profile System, you can add the existing article to your website.


To start adding an internal article:

  1. Visit

  2. Log in with your NetID and password

  3. Click News in the navigation.

  4. Click the +Add New button

This will take you to the article editing page for a new article.

Table of Contents

Article Info

To start creating an External article, select External Article and the relevant “Article Info” fields will appear.



Fill in the following fields that appear:

  1. Title

    • As you type in the Title of the article, if a similar title exists in the system, you will be notified that the article may already have been uploaded.

  2. Publication Name

    • Type in the source of the external article, you must include the official name of the original publication from which the article came. For example, “The New York Times”

  3. Link Name

    • You must also include the full URL you utilized to access the article at its original source.

  4. Date

    • In this section, enter the original date the article was published in the original source.

  5. Article Image

  6. Article Summary

    • If you don’t want to write a custom summary, the first few sentences of the article or the article subtitle may suffice.

Then, click Continue to move on to the next step.

The byline date will appear as the publish date for your article.

If you select a byline date in the future, your article will be embargoed until that date. In other words, your article will not appear on websites until the byline date and time has passed, even if the article is approved before then.


People & Organizations

You’ll notice, after you have clicked Continue that the wizard for the External Article jumps ahead a few steps to the “People and Organizations” tag.

This is because, as you are simply referencing an external piece of work owned by an organization that is not affiliated with Yale, you are not actually entering any copyrighted material into our system. Instead, you are prompted to tag the relevant Yale Faculty and Staff and/or organizations associated with this particular article.

For detailed information on tagging people and organizations in a news article, please visit these instructions:


Publish Settings

The final step for the External Article is to set the publish options.

  • Now: the article will be published immediately and will appear on websites as soon as it’s approved.

  • Schedule for : the article will be sent to administrators for approval immediately, but the article will not appear on websites until the date and time you select.

Choose the Schedule for option and choose a date and time in the future (yellow highlight) if the article should not appear on websites until a later date.


Click Publish to submit your article.