News Frequently Asked Questions

News FAQ

Where is the news system? How do I get to it?

The news system is part of the YSM Faculty Profile System. If you have access to the profile system for an organization, you will access to news as well.

To see a list of all your faculty and organizations’ news, go to, click Edit a Profile and then click on News in the horizontal navigation.

How do I get access to the news system?

To get access to the news system, email with your name, netid, and the name of the organization whose website you edit. She’ll give you access to that organization in the profile system.


Adding News Content to the System

For in-depth information on adding news in the News and People Profile System, visit these instructions:

How do I add a news story?

You can add a news story by browsing to a faculty or organization profile, clicking News in the yellow navigation box on the left and then clicking Add a News Item OR by clicking News in the horizontal navigation and clicking the Add a News Item. When you do, you’ll see a popup that asks you for the title, date, summary and source for your news item. Click Next to add the rest of your news item’s content.

How do I link directly to a news story on another website?

Add the news item as above, then click Edit in the external link section of your news item, paste in the link and click Submit.

What do I enter into the source field?

Enter the source of the news item.

  • Where did it come from?

    • If you are linking to content from another website or publication, enter the name of that website (for stories from, enter CNN).

    • If you are reprinting a New York Times article, enter New York Times.

    • If it’s an OPAC Press Release, enter OPAC Press Release.

    • If it’s an abstract of a journal article from the journal’s website, enter name of the journal.

    • If you are entering original news, you can leave this field blank. DO NOT enter a website address in this field.



For more information on adding photos to a news article, visit the instructions below:

How do I add photos to my news story? What size should they be? Do I need to crop them?

To add a photo, go to the news item, click the edit button and scroll down to the photos and images section. Click Add a Photo and click Add an Image to find the photo on your computer’s hard drive. You may wish to enter a caption or credit as well. Then click Update to add the photo.

In general, to ensure your images display clearly in the current system and are future-proofed for any updates to the system, images uploaded along with news articles should be at least 1000px wide. However, if for some reason an image of that size is not available, the following are the current minimum display requirements for news images:

  • Articles with 1 or 2 images: In order for images to display in an article with 1 or 2 images, the images must be at least 208px wide.

  • Articles with 3 or more images: If an article has 3 or more images, any portrait images must be at least 498px tall to display. Landscape images must be at least 592px wide to display.

  • Thumbnail Images for News Listing Pages: Even if the images do not meet the minimum requirements stated above, the first image added to a news item will still display as a thumbnail on the listing page if the image is at least 198px wide.

I added photos to my news story but they look distorted. What should I do?

When you add a photo to a news item, it will display as a small square thumbnail in the system. This will not affect how it displays on your live website.


Browsing and Searching News

How do I see a list of the news items tagged with one of my organizations?

Go to your organization’s profile and click News in the yellow navigation box on the left. You’ll see a page with all of the news items that that organization has been tagged with, and filter that list by year and keyword.

Can I see a list of all the news my faculty and organizations have added?

Yes, just click on news in the horizontal navigation at the top of the page. The news items you see will include all news items for all of your faculty and organizations.

How do I find a news item?

You can search within your own organization’s news feed by going to your organization’s news list and entering your search term in the box at the top of the page. To search all news in the system, not just news tagged with your organization, check the ‘search all news in the system’ checkbox.


Tagging News

For more information on tagging people and organizations in news articles, visit these instructions:

What is a news feed?

A news feed is the list of all news items that an organization has been tagged with. News feeds can be filtered by date, keyword or by tagged people.

How do I make a news item show up on my organization’s news feed?

When you add a news item to the news system, go to the tagging section of the editing page and click Add an Organization. Select your organization from the dropdown list at the top of the popup. Select any keywords you have created for your organization that are appropriate to the news item and click the Add button.

What are keywords and how do I use them?

Keywords are categories of news items. The system lets you set them for each organization so that you can separate out your lists of news items into various categories.

How do I manage keywords for my department or organization?

Go to your organization’s profile, click on News in the yellow navigation box on the left and look for the manage keywords button. It should be below the search box on that page.

My department has ten sections and 14 programs. Should I make a keyword for each section and program?

We recommend that you tag each section and program as a separate organization.

What happens when I tag a faculty member?

Tagging a faculty member makes their headshot show up in the right column of your news item. It also suggests your news item to any department or organization to which your faculty member belongs and adds that news item to the faculty member’s news feed.


Content Questions

Can I copy news items from other websites like or the New York Times?

When you can, link directly to a news item on another site, by putting the link of that news item into the 'external link' field.

Most news outlet websites will have a page devoted to instructions for reprinting and reusing content (for example:

  • If you do not wish to post a link to the news story on its original site, follow those instructions for requesting reprint permission.

Can I edit news items posted by other people?

Instead, please create a new news item by copying the content from the current news item to a new news item.

  • When you do so, please rewrite the headline and summary considerably.

  • The new news item you created should appear to be a distinct article.


The news system will suggest a news item to your organization based on the people tagged with that news item.

  • If a person who belongs to your organization has been tagged with a news item, OR if one of your child organizations has been tagged in a news item, that news item will be recommended for your organization’s use by the system.

    • To see the recommended news items for an organization, click on that organization’s profile.

    • To see all of the recommended news items for all of your organizations in the system, click on the news item at the top in the horizontal navigation and click Suggested News on the left.

Go to the news item, look for your organization under recommended organizations and click the Addbutton. You will see a popup with your organization’s name and keywords. Click the Add button.

Can I recommend a news item to another website?

Not at this time, but if you tag a person in your news item and that person belongs to other organizations, the news item will show up as a suggested item for each of those organizations.