File Listing

In order to streamline the process of sharing documents on YSM websites and to give website stakeholders the ability to update documents directly on the websites, we have added an integration that allows you to list files hosted on on your YSM website. Sometimes documents change frequently or need emergency updates, and giving stakeholders direct control over this easy-to-update content can reduce our number of total helpdesk tickets and avoid the need for some emergency edits.

Listing files from on the YSM website requires sharing a folder with our app. Once the files are shared with our app, they can potentially be added in a listing any page of the site.

This means you must pay close attention to the sensitivity of the documents when adding them in a Box file listing. If the documents should only be accessible to a restricted audience, we must ensure that the YSM page the listing appears on is secured, and only the proper users are allowed access.

On the user MUST have a normal (not secure Box) account. Yale ITS can either convert an account from its secure platform to an unsecured account or, the user can set up a Box account with a generic Yale email. They must also have a NET ID and PW for that email. They should work with Yale ITS on this. Documentation on secure Box accounts:

The main benefit of this template is to allow the website stakeholder(s) to manage the file listing themselves. If the stakeholder will manage the files themselves, they should complete these steps.

  1. Create a new folder (or select an existing one) and add the files to share on the website

    1. You can also add subfolders to this folder, but in this case only a link to the folder on will appear on the YSM website. This means people visiting the site must have explicit access to the subfolder on, or they will not be able to access the files within it.

  2. While viewing the folder on, click the Share button in the top right.

  3. Copy and paste this value into the Invite People field:

    1. Also invite a member of the Web Services team so we have access to the folder if the stakeholder happens to leave the school.

  4. From the permission dropdown, select Invite as Viewer

    1. Generally, the default value is Invite as Editor

  5. Click Send. This will share the folder with the YSM Box File Listing for Web app, which allows us to display files on the YSM site.

  6. To have the View folder on Box button appear, you must create a shared link in box.

    View folder on Box Button is activated by creating a share link in box.
    Create a shared link for the folder in Box.


Since the YSM Web Services team will not be reviewing the documents uploaded to, stakeholders must make sure all of their documents are ADA compliant. They should refer to the Yale accessibility policy for further information:

In Tridion

  1. Create a new component using the schema Box File Listing

  2. Enter a Title for the listing, this will appear as a heading above the listing.

  3. Enter the Box Folder ID.

    1. You’ll need the URL of the folder on to derive this, it is the numbers/letters that appear directly after /folder/ in the URL. For example, if the URL to access the folder on is:

      …then the ID for the folder is 163348404431

  4. Add the component to the desired page using the template Box File Listing.

  5. Publish the page.