Approving Publications imported from Dimensions in Beatrix

The Publications tab within a person’s profile can be accessed directly by visiting

With the launch of Beatrix, publications are imported from, a powerful platform that contains more than 160 million publications from PubMed along with many other sources to include chapters, books, and more. You can also manually add publications that are missing from the import. This article provides a general overview as well as answers to frequently asked questions.


Each night when the system syncs with, anyone with new publications to review will receive an email from the following day that looks like:

Reviewing imported publications:

  1. The “Pending” tab on your Publications page displays any publications that have been imported but need to be reviewed to accept or reject.

  2. For each publication in the list, click the green “check” icon to approve or the red “slash” icon to reject.

    1. Approved publications will automatically appear on your web profile and in your CV (when regenerated).

    2. Rejected publications will be moved to the “Rejected” tab. Don’t worry – if you accidentally reject a publication, you can change its status to accepted.

If you’re seeing many publications in the Pending tab that are not yours, you are missing many publications, or see no publications at all, please reach out to so that we can adjust your import settings.

Manually add a publication that is not in your Pending or Accepted list:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of your publications list.

  2. Click “Manually add a publication”

  3. Choose a category. This is used to categorize your publications according to the School of Medicine’s standardized CV format.

  4. If the publication is in PubMed, enter the PubMedID and click “verify”.

  5. If the publication is not in PubMed, click the “Other” radio button and enter the relevant information.

    1. In the citation field, please enter the full citation as you would on a CV. Include the title and year.

    2. The “Title” field is used for display purposes.

    3. The “Year” field is used to sort the publications.

    4. Enter a URL if you want to link the citation to the full text entry on a website.

  6. Click “Add”

Feature publications on your public profile:

  1. In the “Accepted” tab, click the “star” icon beside of any publication that you want to display at the top of your publications list on your public profile.

  2. You can feature up to five publications.

 Frequently Asked Questions

There is a “public” setting on each publication. Toggle the icon to red to suppress or green to display.


Yes, you can add a “publication reviewer,” who will also receive the notification email from Beatrix. Scroll to the bottom of your publications page, and add a person under the “Publication Reviewer” section. This person will only have access to your Publications page, not your entire profile.


We recommend that you label a book preface a “Book chapter.”